UBC Imprint is pleased to present a series of pre-conference workshops. At each workshop, students learn how to develop and improve a different aspect of their personal brand. Our goal is to provide students with practical skills that can be used to differentiate themselves in job applications, at networking events, and online.

Below are our list of past pre-conference workshops:

IMPACT Case Workshop


To supplement UBC Imprint’s 2017 IMPACT Case Competition, we’re proud to host a case competition workshop. Whether you’re in need of a refresher on how to break down a case, or diving into your very first simulation experience, we have you covered.

This workshop will alleviate those fears and thoughts of “I’ve never done a case before!”, and “I’m too unsure about what to expect to sign up!”. This introductory walkthrough to case problems is presented by UBC Sauder Alumni and JDC West Head Coach, Chad Embree from TELUS.

All students, including those not interested in participating in IMPACT, are welcome to sign up and attend this workshop!

More Than Friends


Landing your dream job requires more than just connections and a good interview – it’s also important to build your personal brand on social media! UBC Imprint has invited digital marketing strategist, rebellious thinker and storyteller, Bosco Anthony, to provide a holistic view on social media and how it can be used to enrich your brand.

Bosco’s background in the corporate sector has given him insight and wisdom on thought leadership, business growth and critical thinking ideology. Recognized for his mentorship, entrepreneurial spirit, and passion for strategy, Bosco thrives in collaborative environments and has become a well-known influencer to the business and digital communities.

At this workshop, Bosco will focus on the following social media topics:
Data analytics

Discovering Your Personal Brand


We are honoured to have Heather White (https://ca.linkedin.com/in/heather-white-383a152) , Founder and CEO of 2020 Communications and professional TEDx Talks Speaker as our keynote speaker for the event. Heather will help you discover your personal brand and understand the role it plays in your future endeavours. Through this workshop, you will learn how to professionally tell your story to stand out when identifying your prospective career path and job industries.

This year, we have also incorporated a brand new networking session where you get the opportunity to put your skills to the test with some of UBC Sauder’s very own outstanding senior students! Did we mention that there will be refreshments?

MYTHBUSTERS – Marketing Edition


MYTH: A career in Marketing is all about filming commercials, trendy hashtags and selling cars.

REALITY: Marketing has many segments and UBC Imprint has invited industry professionals from Brand Management, Advertising, Sales and Public Relations to de-myth any misconceptions about the marketing industry.

Our first workshop of our Imprint Workshop series aimed to help students understand marketing, get their foot in the door and launch their career in marketing.

The event will consisted of short presentations by each speaker followed by a Q & A panel.

Extreme Makeover – Social Media Edition


The slides of the presentation can be found here.

Landing your dream job requires more than just connections and a good interview – it’s also important to build your personal brand on social media. UBC Imprint invited two social media experts, Dennis Pang and Julio Viskovich to help students present themselves on social media to land their dream job.

Dennis is the CEO of Motive8 Media Inc. and Popcorn, a social media and PR agency. He spoke about ways to sell your brand to recruiters on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

Julio Viskovich is the VP Marketing of rFactr and Adjunct Professor at Sauder. Julio showed us how to make our LinkedIn stand out to recruiters.

Our second workshop of our Imprint Workshops series aimed to help students understand social media tips and tricks, get their  foot in the door and launch their career in marketing.